R&R Pump Inc.


The Best Engineers and The Best Technology for The Safety of Our Customers

Our company is an outgrowth of experience of engineers and experts from every business sector and our staff’s 40 years of Aero Space metallurgical design engineering. Building on our highly lauded 15 Patent claims awarded for our Reset Relief Valves designs the decision was made to build an advanced computer monitored state of the art “Made in America” line of mud pumps.

As with all our products we asked the users what they’d like to see to minimize the problems they were having with the current offerings in the market. We called on industry experts in this field to find the highest quality parts and materials available.

We are using only the companies with the best reputation in their product lines to pull together the finest pump U.S. manufacturers could offer. Quality not price was our goal, a product made for the life of the rig with advanced materials, advanced DAQ systems that can monitor the pumps every action from a world away, and advanced treatment to internals found only in the most durable racing engines operating around the world.

A pump with dozens of “The only pump in the world with” connections attached to its name. So many firsts that it will overwhelm the industry in its simplicity and ease of use.
Maintenance Cost and Energy Cost reduced to a fraction of what has become the norm in the life cycle cost of a pump.